Helen Robertson


live event on 17th November 15:00-16:00

AA Hooke Park, Beaminster, Dorset


Directions:  http://hookepark.aaschool.ac.uk/contact_info/


This is part of a programme produced by artist Anna Best, in association with The Arts Development Company and the Architectural Association at Hooke Park with support from Force 8 and the Mothership.




pine beech pine -

'When the set had been built up on the foundations of the ruined house, we all as members of the team, used to go there in the early morning, to wait for the dawn, to experience for ourselves what was special about the place, to study it in different weather conditions, to see it at different times of the day; we wanted  to immerse ourselves in the sensations of the people who had once lived in that house, and had watched the same sunrises and sunsets, the same rains and mists some forty years previously' Andrey Tarkovsky Sculpting in Time.