Helen Robertson


a different path  2020  - the Undersides of Practice at APT Gallery curated by Cath Ferguson and Della Gooden

silk, polyester, aluminium, nylon wire, steel, media player with related audio work duration 2 minutes


A section of the plan of the Velvet and Silk Café designed by Lilly Reich and Mies van der Rohe (Women's Fashion exhibition, Berlin 1927) was configured to form an architectural transition between  gallery 2 and 3 at APT. Flats of light fabric hung on thin aluminium bars suspended on nylon wire, form walls, not inert, fixed or solid, but that sway and ripple in response to the movement of air currents and moving bodies. The different density, colour and structure of the fabric ‘walls’  withheld perspectives whilst opening new shifting perspectives of the wider exhibition.