Helen Robertson


Hanging in the balance Five Years London 2023

tufted carpet, vinyl lettering, acrylic paint pool, ceramic, digital video, projector and stand, 13 minute projected video loop of a danced choreography

Using the gallery architecture as a fulcrum hanging in the balance works reflexively with movement through and around the exhibition space to involve visitors in a sensorial engagement with ideas of breath, earth and political protest.

Through a series of related floor-based works; a tufted carpet tailored to fit the entrance corridor, a poured painting and a foot-thrown pot made in collaboration with ceramicist Yuta Segawa attention is brought to ground and feet transforming the gallery floor into a painterly field.

The exhibition includes a video work developed with dancers (Antoinette Brooks-Daw, former premier dancer Northern Ballet and Daisy West), non-dancers and a musician in which danced movement is intercut with gestures of protest and the intermittent call of a solo oboe.

The installation is part of an ongoing body of work related to women and architecture but in this instance architecture and space are used to reflect on ecological relations.


Text based intervention combines fragments from The Promise of Politics and The Human Condition by Hannah Arendt and For More Than One Voice: Toward a Philosophy of Vocal Expression by Adriana Cavarero



With special thanks to performers Antoinette Brooks-Daw, Daisy West, Yujie Duan, Yocheved Francis, Julia-Anna Simonchuk, Anastasiia Tikhonova, musician Amy Roberts and ceramist Yuta Segawa