Helen Robertson

e-mail: robertson.helen(at)virgin.net

All images © Helen Robertson


Helen Robertson is a London based artist and Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and Camberwell College of Arts, The University of the Arts London.


Her practice foregrounds the liveness of experience through an articulation of situations/configurations in which our encounter as viewers, participants, bystanders…. is pivotal. The pieces evolve through processual involvement with materials, process, space, bodies, site, context, history…works by other artists, writers, choreographers, architects….


She uses Duchamp’s concept of the infra-mince -ultra-thin- which he defines through examples (such as the space between mould and cast and the space of contact – warmth - between seated body and chair) to describe the space of interaction that concerns her; a space in which bodies are caught in a state of ‘becoming’ involving connections, disconnections, fusion and confusion.


Site-specific works include Concrete Café Hayward Gallery, Coleman Project Space, The Granary Building Central Saint Martins, Architectural Association Hooke Park, Dorset.


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