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All images © Helen Robertson


Helen Robertson is a London based artist and Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and Camberwell College of Arts, The University of the Arts London.


An interrogation of performativity in relation to site, architecture, context, body and audience underpins my practice and its history. The work foregrounds the liveness of experience, through an articulation of situations/configurations in which our encounter as viewers, participants, bystanders…. is pivotal. The pieces evolve through processual involvement with materials, process, space, bodies, site, context, history…works by other artists, writers, choreographers, architects....


I explore these themes through site responsive mixed media installations and performances for galleries, public spaces and non-art contexts, often working in collaboration with other artists, or in a cross-disciplinary manner. Key concerns of mine are the work’s ethical social dimension; the questions of agency which arise out of the work; and the potency of minoritarian positions.